Host Durability Study

Sunset Period: Summary of Results

Updated 10/8/2019

- ------------------------------- Partial speed update: Most of the materials from this study are not completely gone. A further update might update the wording in a more coherent fashion. - ------------------------------- These are links to hosts selected from a multi-year durability study on in which many fly-by-night outfits were eliminated. Hosts who are no longer eligible vanished from the board. Registration into the study is now closed. No new hosts will be added. Existing hosts will continue to be monitored on a sporadic basis. Live Monitoring has been turned off. However, failed hosts will still be removed as they are discovered.

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Seraphim Labs

((Update for 2020)) The followin g have completely expired. /
CWahi (free branch of Crosswinds)

The study methodology was a hybrid of a few separate principles. I decided that an unyielding demerit system would prove overly punitive which would incorrectly discard an otherwise promising host. In summary, hosts merely had to stay in active business with live servers with as little downtime as possible. Penalty demerits were issued on a "soft scale" to determine if a host qualified to remain in business. A few hosts did become disqualified through demerits alone. However, large numbers of demerits statistically correlated with host failure shortly afterward. In the initial phases of the project, many poorly managed hosts signed up, only to fail between four to nine months later. As word began to spread, later entrants were more careful and have performed better.

This is heavily focused as a Durability study. "Project Coupons" were secured for a very generic 1GB account with no ads and no activity requirements. This was to normalize the effects of managerial sales policies. No official guidance is hereby provided as to which host's plan best meets a prospective client's needs.

CWahi suffered a severe security incident which cause many clients to lose data; they remained in business for some time thereafter but are now closed.

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