Raw Book List Part 3
Updated 12-11-2011

Set 3

The Portable Blake - William Blake 1790-1827 works, edited by Alfred Kazin for the Viking / Penguin 1946-1956 edition - mass paper 694 pages + supplements - Collection of the Best of William Blake

The Eight - Katherine Neville 1988 - Fiction novel about a computer expert - Accountant

How ... Subtitled Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything ... In Business (and in Life). - Dov Seidman 2007 - Hardback 304 pages - Business Advice

People of the Lakes -Katherine O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear 1994 - Mass paper798 pages - Fiction novel about Pre-columbian times. - Back Flap notes both authors are professional archaeologists.

The Unknown Poe - Poe 1830's, edited by Raymond Foye 1980 City Lights edition - Trade 117 pages - Reproductions of very rare Poe materials

3 by Flannery O'Connor - The Violent Bear it Away, Everything That Rises Must Converge, Wise Blood - Flannery O'Connor 1952-1965, Mass Paperback 460 pages - Fiction: 2 short novels and a collection about Southern America

Complete (short) Stories - Flannery O'Connor - 1946-1971 Flannery O'Connor - edition Farrarr Strauss Giroux 1971 - Counterpart to "Three From" which had two short novels. This one includes previously unpublished early stories

Rocks of Ages subtitled Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life- Stephen Jay Gould - Anthropology- Psychology theories on behavior

The Search for Meaning Vol 1- Great Books Foundation 1976 - Anthology of Short Stories for the Great Books Foundation

The Search for Meaning Vol 1- Great Books Foundation 1977 - (Different) Anthology of Short Stories for the Great Books Foundation

The Golden Hind subtitled An Anthology of Elizabethan Prose and Poetry - edited by Roy Lamson (MIT) and Hallett Smith (Cali I.T.) 2nd Edition 1942, 1956 W. W. Norton edition - Hardback 839 pages + Supplements - Early Engliish Prose and Poetry

Speaker for the Dead - Orson Scott Card 1986 - Mass Paperback 382 pages - Science Fiction Novel about the followup to Ender's Game where Ender Wiggin has to deal with destroying an entire culture because he was tricked by his educators.

Sources of Chinese Tradition Volume 1 - Compiled by William Theodore DeBary, Wing-Tsit Chan, Burton Watson 1960 - Trade 564 pages - Intro sourcebook to Chinese texts

The Sky's The Limit - Wayne Dyer, PH. D. 1980 - Mass Paper 346 pages + Supplements - Self Help Advice

Powers of Mind - Adam Smith 1975 - Mass Paper 380pages - Theories on mental abilties

On the Road to Emmaus subtitiled Stories of Faith, Doubt, and Change - Mark Collins 1994 - Inspirational Fiction Stories

The Collected Stories - Grace Paley 1994 - Grace Paley's short stories

28 Science Fiction Stories - H. G. Wells 1905,1932 reprinted 1952 Dover - Medium selection of H. G. Wells' stories (Science Fiction)

The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit subtitled Ads That Attract Customers. Blogs That Create Buzz. Websites That Wow. - Paula Peters 2006,2009 - Business marketing advice

Sun Tzu for Execution subtitled How To Use the Art of War to Get Results - Steven W. Michaelson 2007 - Business / Life advice

Dreams From My Father - Barack Obama 1995, 2004 - Trade 442 pages - Early Biography of Barack Obama

The Complete Works of Saki - H. H. Munro early 1900's Barnes & Noble Edition 2006 - Trade 923 pages - Saki's short stories including 6 fresh ones from lost archives

Confessions - St Augustine 398 AD, Penguin Edition 1961 - Christian faith text

Portable Faulker subtitled Saga of Yoknapatawpha County 1820-1950 - William Faulkner 1921-1946,1967 Viking / Macmlliam Edition 1967 - Mass Paper 724 pages - Colelection of many of Faulkner's stories