Raw Book List Part 2
Updated 12-11-2011

Set 2

The Necklace and other Stories - Guy de Maupassant 1800's, Translated by Albert M. C. McMaster, A. E. Henderson, Charlotte Garstin Quesada, and others. - Borders Classics 2004 Ann Arbor Media Group - Hardcover 281 pages - Selection of Maupassant's Stories

Hara subtitled The Vital Centre of Man - Karlfried Graf Dureckheim 1962 - Trade 208 pages - Zen meditational theory

The Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield - Katherine Mansfield Early 1900's, Knopf-Ecco Press edition 1983 - Katherine Mansfield short stories. Later considered to be a talented writer, Ms. Mansfield liked the action in big cities such as London, but finally drew back to her New Zealand roots.

The Stoic and Epicurean Philosophers - Complete extant writings of Epicurus, Epictetus, Lutretious, and Marcus Arelius - Texts early AD's, Edited Whitney J. Jones 1940 - Hardcover 585 pages + supplements - Texts in Philosophy

The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov - Vintage Edition 1997 - Trade 648 pages - Fiction Stories by Nabokov

Isle of Woman - Piers Anthony 1993 - Mass Market Paper 461 pages + Author note - Fiction novel using geo-historical elements

Shame of Man - Piers Anthony 1994 - Mass Market Paper 493 pages + Author note - Fiction novel using geo-historical elements - Sequel to Isle of Woman

Inside 9-11 subtitled What Really Happened - Der Spiegel Magazine staff 2001 - Detailed analysis of the September 11 2001 attacks -

The Madwoman in the Attic subtitled The Woman Writer and the Ninteenth-Century Literary Imagination - Sandra M. Gilbert and Susn Gubar 1979,1984,2000 - Small Trade 650 Pages - Study of 19th century women writers

Men of Mathematics subtitled The Lives and Achievements of the Great Mathematicians from Zeno to Poincare. - E. T. Bell 1937 - Hardcover 580 pages - Summary of major mathematical developments of history.

Against a Dark Background - Iain M. Banks 1993 - Mass paperback 515 pages - Science Fiction Novel

The Broken Wings - Kahlil Gibran 1957 - Hardcover 128 pages - Collection of Parable-Stories

The Fifth Vial - Michael Palmer 2007 - Hardcover 367 pages - Fiction Medical Thriller Novel.

Magic & Religion - George B. Vetter 1958,1973 - HardCover 522 pages - Anthropology : Early cultures theories on where magic and religion intersect

Inside the Third Reich, Memoirs - Albert Speer 1970 - Hardcover 621 pages + supplements - The memoirs of a leading top Nazi official who worked directly under Adolf Hitler. "One seldom recognizes the devil when he is putting a hand on your shoulder."

The Complete Works of O. Henry - Garden City Publishing Company Edition 1937 - Hardcover 1646 pages - O. Henry's complete short stories (At that time? Was there a new one found?)

On Human Nature - Edward O. Wilson 1978 - Hardcover 209 pages + supplements - Essays on Social Theory

Social Intelligence subtitled Why It Can Matter More Than IQ - Daniel Goleman 1995 - Trade 287 pages + supplements - Social skills are about people, so even "smart" people with social skills may face social problems that ultimately hurt them more than an "average" man who gets along. Best of all, of course, is if the "classically high IQ" person takes some time to actively study social skills, because they keep all their native IQ, but then can merge better into social environments.

The Magus - John Fowles 1965 - Fiction Novel about a man who stuggles to find his personal identity.

Short Fiction of Seventeenth Century - Anchor Edition edited by Charles C. Mish 1963 - Mass paperback 452 pages - Very Early Short Stories from the 1600's

The Club Dumas - Arturo Perez-Reverte 1996 - Trade 362 pages - Fiction Novel about a book detective being swept up into a plot of evil.

The Occult - Colin Wilson 2003 - Trade 763 pages - Examination of Esoteric Occult Theory

Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt - R. T. Rundle Clark 1959 - Trade 268 pages - Introduction to Egyptian Myths

Working subtitled People Talk About What They Do All Day and ow They Feel About What They Do - Studs (Louis) Terkel 1972,1974 - Examination of typical actual activities in working Americans

The Age of Analysys subtitled 20th Century Philosophers - Morton White 1955 - Mass Paperback 243 page + supplements - Overview of 20th century philosophu

Natural Cuses - Michael Palmer 1994 - Fiction Medical Thriller

Simple Genius - David Balducci 2006 - Mass paperback 530 pages + supplements - Fiction Political / Code Thriller

The Silk Code - Paul Lewinson 1999 - Mass Paperback 308 paes - Fiction Thriller about Codes and Govt Spying

Digital Fortress - Dan Brown - Mass Paperback 430 pages - Fiction Thriller about code cracking

The Rule of Four - Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason 2004 - Mass Paperback 446 pages - Fiction Thriller about A Renaissance Text that makes men go crazy

Songs From the Stars - Norman Spinrad 1985- Science Fiction novel about recovering from World War 3 (Nuclear Holocaust) on the western bank of California

Macroscope - Piers Anthony 1969 - Science Fiction novel - one of Piers Anthony's first - Describing a childish Ultra-Prodigy who invents an entire second persona "dumb enough" to deal with the world until events force personal growth.

The Renaissance Philosophy of Man - Edited by Ernst Cassirer, Paul Oskar Kristeller, and John Herman Randall, Jr. - Early Renaissance Theories of Humanity. There's a couple sports where they "let it go" and don't quite tie out the Last Word. Basically, in the old days, "discussions" were via Pamphlets among only some 5-10 thinkers, so when those thinkers got busy, the "discussion" came to its end.

The Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers subtitledA Summary of the Teachings of the Greatest Thinkers of All Ages on the Major Problems of Philosophy aka The Nature of the Universe, Good and Evil, the Nature of God, Fate and Free Will, the Soul and Immortality, Man and the State, Ideas and Thinking - S. E. Frost, Jr. Ph. D. 1942 - Garden City Publishing Edition Hardback 297 pages + supplements - Broad overview of Philosophy

Life of Johnson - James Bosewell 1790's, Oxford Edition 1953,1970 - Trade 1402 pages + index - Boswell's huge biography of Samuel Johnson LL. D.

The Gulag Archipelago (multiple volumes) - Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn 1973 - Narrative of life in Russian Prison Camps. There are some short stories here - places where in footnotes he calls out "If I had time I would write this story."

Theory of the Leisure Class - Thorstein Veblen written 1899, edition Modern/Viking 1931 - Economic Theory

The Dante Club - Matthew Pearl 2003 - Trade 370 pages - Fiction Novel about Boston 1865 where literary scholars must solve a mystery.

Outlines of Indian Philosophy - M. Hiriyana 1932 - Trade 413 pages - Survey of Indian Religious Thought

The Human Zoo - Desmond Morris 1969 - Hardcover 248 pages - Thoughts on Modern Society from an Anthropological view