Raw Book List Part 1
Updated 12-11-2011

Set 1

The Man - Irving Wallace 1964- Large Trade 751 pages - "You are cordially invited to the impeachment trial of the first Black President of the United States." Contains an introduction by James Earl Jones in 1999.

Little Brother - Cory Doctorow 2008 - Small Trade 365 pages plus supplements - Techno youth fiction novel

The Genius in all of us - David Shenk 2010 - Hardcover 134 pages, expanded to 277 pages with advanced notes. - Re-examining intelligence

The NPR Interviews 1994 - Edited by Robert Siegel 1994 - Small Trade 376 pages - 2-4 page interviews on interesting people, from NPR.

The Years of Rice and Salt - Kim Stanley Robinson 2002 - Large Trade 669 pages - Fiction Novel about what if the Black Death were even worse, leading Europe to be repopulated from the east by Mongols and Asians.

The Clowns of God - Morris West 1981 - Hardcover 368 pages - Christian Fiction Novel about troubles of Faith

The John Collier Reader - John Collier Short stories 1931-1972 - Hardcover 571 pages - John Collier's short stories. Acquired via the short story "Thus I Refute Beelzy" collected in another anthology.

The Works of Rabelais - Gustave Dore translation? Edition Year Unclear - Rabelais writing years _______ (see net) - old edition, 640 pages.

The Art of War for Dating - Eric Rogell 2011 - Small Trade 187 page - Adapting Sun Tzu for Dating for Men remarking that being too much of a pushover might lead a woman to lose interest.

Love Smart - Phillip C "Phil" McGraw PHD 2005 - Small Trade 282 Pages - Relationship advice aimed at women, about making a man adapt to her needs. Counterpoint to Art of War for Dating above.

The Masks of God Volume 4 Creative Mythology - Joseph Campbell 1968 - small trade 678 pages before sources and index. Part of a mythology series. The other volumes in the series are 1: Primitive Mythology 2: Oriental Mythology 3: Occidental Mythology

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold - John Lecarre 1963 - Hardcover 256 pages - Fiction Spy novel

Full Spectrum 2 - Edited by Lou Aronica, Shawna McCarthy, Amy Stout, & Patrick LoBrutto 1989 - Science Fiction anthology

How To Argue and Win Every Time - Gerry Spence 1995 - Elocution methods stemming from believing in your material then finding the best possible presentation.

Collins Dictionary of Astronomy - John Daintith and William Gould 1979 & 2006 - Small trade 499 pages + appendix - Technical dictionary on Astronomy

Collins Dictionary of Electronics - Ian Sinclair 1988, 2004 - Small Trade 460 pages + appendix - Technical dictionary on Electronics

Collins Dictionary of Science - Helicon Publishing div of Research Machines plc 2003 - Small Trade 649 pages + appendix - Technical dictionary on Science

This Is Your Brain On Music subtitled The Science of a Human Obsession - Daniel J. Levitin 2006 - Smal Trade 267 Pages + Appendixes - Neuroscience of Music

Buy-ology subtitled Truth and Lies About Why We Buy - Martin Lindstrom 2008,2010 - 218 pages + supplements - How advertising influences people to purchase

Truth Until Paradox subtitled A Mage the Ascension (Role Playing Game system by White Wolf) Anthology - Edited by Stewart Wieck 1994 - mass paperback 288 pages - Fiction stories based on a role playing game system

Reflections on Exile and Other Essays - Edward W. Said Fourth Printing 2003 - Large Trade 590 pages - Academic Theory

Complete Works - Montaigne 1500's, edited by Donald M. Frame 1943 - Small Hardcover 1336 pages - Complete set of Montaigne's esays.

Selected Essays - Montaigne 1500's, edited by Donald M. Frame 1943 Classics Club edition - Small Hardcover 364 pages - Partial set of Montaigne's Essays

Complete Essays - Montaigne 1500's, M.A. Screech edition 1987-2003 Penguin edition - Mass Paperback 1269 pages plus supplements - Full set of Montaigne's Essays

Anton Chekhov Plays - Chekov 1800's and 1900's translated by Elisaveta Fen 1951-1954 - Mass Paperback 453 pages - Selection of Chekhov's plays

Portable Chekhov (Stories) - Chekhov 1800's edited by Avraham Yarmolinky 1947 Viking Edition - Mass Paperback 631 pages - short stories and some correspondence letters

The Third Wave - Alvin Toffler 1979 - Mass paperback 443 pages + supplements - Commentary nonfiction book about cultural change

1984 - George Orwell aka Eric Blair 1948 - Mass Paperback Signet edition 298 pages plus supplements - The famous book about excessive surveillance in society. See also Aldous Huxley Brave New World (Not yet in this list.)

The (Poetic) Works of Thomas Hardy - Penguin masspaperback 1994 887 pages - Thomas Hardy always wanted to be a poet, and wrote lots of poems "in his spare time". He wrote novels to make his ends meet, but in his last years he had a poor critical reception from his last couple of novels so he focused on his poetry. This edition collected all/most of his poetry.

Rhetorical Criticism subtitled Exploration and Practice - Sonja K. Foss 1989 - Trade 402 pages - Theory of Criticism

Situating Selves subtitled The Communication of Social Identities in American Societies - Donal Carbaugh 1996 - Trade 202 pages + appendixes - Social Theory

Promoting Competence in Clients subtitled A New/Old Approach to Social Work Practice - Edited by Anthony N. Maluccio 1981- Trade 341 pages - Social Work theory.

Examined Life - Robert Nozick 1989 - Trade 303 pages - described as "Philosophical Meditations"

Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, & Technology - Vol 9 Spring 2008 Issue 2 - trade 1006 pages - Journal of socio-cultural legal essays. The last one discusses RIAA and file sharing